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5 Hormonal Acne Signs And Symptoms Checklist

Surely no one wants to have trouble with acne. As we already know, that acne has many types, among which the most popular is hormonal acne.

Best Cure For Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne usually appears when you are 20 to 40 years old, why can it happen like that? this happens hormonal fluctuations in the human body. These hormonal fluctuations lead to increased facial oil production, as well as clogging pores, and ultimately lead to acne.

Here are some signs you are experiencing hormonal acne. Then what kind of a sign?

1. The appearance of Acne on the chin and jaw.

One of the signs of hormonal acne is showing up around your face. This acne arises because these hormones experience excessive stages in the body that cause stimulate oil glands around the chin.

Although the chin and jaw are the places where the most common occurrence of the appearance of hormonal acne, it does not rule out this acne will arise on the side of the face or down your neck.

2. Acne comes back once a month

Hormonal acne often appears in cyclical patterns like menstruation. Hormonal acne tends to appear at the same time every month.

3. If you are not a teenager

Hormonal acne is common in your 20s. Usually at this age is when hormones in humans are actives.

At the age of 20 years is the peak of the most fertile age, it makes women more susceptible to fluctuations in hormones. It will also be experienced when you are having a period of pregnancy, childbirth, or breastfeeding.

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4. You are experiencing severe stress

Cortisol and stress hormones can affect other hormones present in the human body. Usually, women are susceptible to hormonal fluctuations and often this makes women suffer from acute stress, not ordinary things, if this makes the acne appear worse, you can read it here.

5. Not comedonal acne

Hormonal acne will not appear in the form of blackheads, but rather a painful lump. These hormonal acne lumps are usually tender to the touch, because the oils that accumulate under the skin for several days or weeks, this happens because of the inflammatory reaction.

Things You Need To Do to Get Rid of Moderate Acne

Moderate acne on your face can be very annoying. It often looks red and inflamed, and the worst thing is you cannot get rid of it easily. This type of acne will not disappear with some cheap over the counter medicines and it also takes long to heal. But you don’t have to be sad and worry too much about your acne. With these treatments, you can say goodbye to the pimples and get your smooth face back.

Moderate Acne Treatment

Signs that You Have Moderate Acne

To make sure you can get effective treatment, you need to be sure that the severity of your acne is indeed in the moderate level. Here are some signs of that you have moderate severity acnes.

- It is quite stubborn that over the counter medicine doesn’t work,
- It looks red and inflamed, but not as red as severe acnes.
- The pimples feel painful.
- There are more than 20 blackheads or whiteheads on your skin.
- There are more than 15 red and itchy bumps.

The Best Treatments for Moderate Acne

Now that you are sure that you have moderate acne, here are some treatments that you can try.

•Benzoyl Peroxide

When it comes to this type of acne, using over the counter medicine will only waste your time and money because it will not work. However, if you have yet to find time to go to the doctor and want to use over the counter medicine first, you can use Benzoyl Peroxide.

Unlike other over-the-counter treatments, benzoyl peroxide is effective to treat moderate acnes. It is known for its effectiveness in treating inflamed acnes. But it is also great to reduce blackheads. Normally, this treatment will need around two or three months to work.

• Topical Retinoid and Antibiotic

Doctors usually will prescribe topical retinoid and antibiotic to treat acnes with moderate severity. Retinoid will accelerate the healing process of the cells so the acne will disappear faster and it also will prevent scarring. Meanwhile, topical antibiotic is great to treat inflammatory breakouts. It will reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin so the pimples will not be inflamed and heal faster.

• Hormone regulator

If the acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, the doctor will prescribe hormone regulator, which is beneficial to stabilize hormone fluctuations. As a result of this treatment, the acnes will slowly start disappearing or even doesn’t appear in the very first place.

Moderate acne can easily get more severe if you use wrong treatments. So, make sure you consult to your dermatologist first and don’t be tempted to use unsafe topical medicines that promise fast result.

Treating Comedonal Acne

Comedonal acne is common problem for some teenagers but most of them do not realize and just consider this case as the ordinary comedo. Comedonal acne is the condition where there are some blackheads pimples appear into your skin. Then, what is the causes of this kind of acne?

Comedonal Acne Home Remedies Treating Comedonal Acne

Causes of comedonal acne

There are some causes that can make you have the comedonal acne. First, comedonal acne can appear in any ages but it commonly appear during the teen years. It can be one of the causes of puberty and the effect of the hormonal factors. People who are in puberty might have changed their hormones. The amount of their hormones might changes and it is not steady. It might cause some effects into the skin. Then, comedonal acne can also be caused by the heredity. If some of your relatives and even your parents have this type of acne, you will get the high risk to get the comedonal acne. Especially, the one who has the type of oily skin will be more risky to get this type of acne. Next, comedonal acne can also be caused by the usage of any kinds of cosmetic products. People might get the result from applying any skin products which might not appropriate and fit to their skin.

How to treat the comedonal acne?

The common method to clear the comedonal acne is by choosing the right facial wash. People need to buy the product which contains of salicylic acid and even glycolic. This substance can help you to clean the pores and the skin. It can help to throw away any debris and dead skin. Then, you can also choose the products with the benzoyl peroxide help people to wash and clear the skin’s surface and even kill the bacteria from people’s face.

Then, there are some different medicated method to solve comedonal acne problems. People can try microdermabrasion, microcrystal, laser treatment to kill bacteria and even remove any kinds of the outer layers of the skin. You can also ask the medicine as the oral method to control the hormonal which might causes the risk of comedonal acne. These kinds of treatments which might need more budget and money. People need to spend a lot of money to solve this problem through this kind of medication. It is better to try the traditional method first to clear your comedonal acne.

Three Most Common Types of Acne Scars and How to Get Rid of Them

Acne breakouts can be very frustrating but it is the scars that we really detest. The worst thing of all is there are actually several types of acne scars and different type of scars will require different treatment. Eliminating acnes can be very difficult but the scars can be even more to get rid of. If you want to get rid of the scars, make sure you know the type of the scars first so you can choose the most suitable treatment.

Acne Scars Before And After

Ice Pick Scars

• Appearance
According to dermatologists, ice pick scar is the most difficult to treat among other types of acne scars. This scar is mostly small but it goes very deep into the dermis. But in some more severe cases, it is possible to get bigger scar holes.

• Treatment
The most common treatment for ice pick scars is punch excision. Skin graft is also possible by taking skin from other part of your body and put it inside the scars. However, if there are too many scars, which is usually the case, radiofrequency treatment might be needed. This treatment will help your skin to produce more collagens and the collagens will be used to fill the holes of the scars.

Boxcar Scars

• Appearance
Similar with ice pick, boxcar scars also make the skin depressed. However, the surface is much wider. It happens because there is not enough collagen during the healing process to sustain the shape of the skin.

• Treatment
Punch excision is also effective to treat boxcar scars. However, since the holes are much wider compared to ice pick scars, dermal filler is considered a more effective treatment. Layers of fat will be injected to the skin to help filling the depressed scars.


• Appearance
Contrary to the first two scars, hyperpigmentation doesn’t necessarily involve depression. There might be nothing wrong with the surface of your skin, but it will be discolored due to the inflammation of the acnes.

• Treatment
Hydroquinone is effective to bleach the skin and removes the pigmentation. During the hydroquinone therapy, you must remember to use sunblock. It is important because exposure to sun will make the pigmentation worse.

Getting rid of acne scars is very difficult, not to mention expensive. So, the best thing you can do is to prevent the scarring to appear at the very first place. Don’t pick on your acnes and consult your doctor to get the best acne treatment. But if the scars are already there, make sure you choose the best treatments according to the types of acne scars.

How to Get Rid of Acne Fast Using Moderate Treatment

What is acne actually and how to get rid of acne fast? It is apparently the most common skin problem experienced by people. Facts say that there are 85 % of people in United State experience acne.

How To Get Rid Of A Pimple In An Hour

What is Acne and How Can it Occur?

Simply to put, acne is inflammatory skin disease that can result in spots and pimples. It commonly appears on face, shoulders, back, chest, neck, even upper arms. Though acne is not dangerous but it can make your appearance is less attractive. Some bad cases of acne even leave scars on the infected skin. Though it is commonly experienced by teenagers, but it doesn’t mean that you will automatically free from it once you leave your adolescence phase. Studies say that though people often experience it during their puberties, but acne can still happen till you are 24, even more. Another fact reveals that it occurs in 3 of every 4 people in the age of 11 up to 30 years old.

Human skin has follicles. They are kind of small sacs that function to produce oily liquid. Acne will occur if the follicles on people's skin are blocked. It makes oily liquids are built up under skin. This raising of oil liquid which blocks the follicles that finally causes acne.

Moderate Treatment for Acne

A light case of acne can be cured by using simple method of treatment. There are creams or lotions sold freely in the market. It can even be cured by using natural materials available daily at home. But for heavier case, stronger medications might be needed.

1. Corticosteroid Injection

If your acne is kind of cyst, it can rupture and leave scar on the skin. To avoid worse damage, dermatologists often suggest the corticosteroid injection and the cyst will disappear just within few days. This injection will be very useful to reduce skin inflammation and fasten the healing process. This also functions to avoid skin scar.

2. Oral antibiotics

Oral antibiotics are usually given to patients up to 6 months. They are functioned to fight against bacteria and kill them. Oral antibiotics are also used for reducing skin inflammation.

3. Oral Contraceptives

Unlike the oral antibiotics, the oral contraceptives are usually prescribed for longer consumption. They are addressed for women only. But not all women are allowed to consume them. Those with blood clotting disorder are not suggested to take this treatment.

Those are all about acne and how it can happen to you. Just consult professional if your acne is getting worse and if the moderate treatment of how to get rid of acne above doesn’t help much.

Knowing Acne Definition Means Paying Attention to Your Skin Problem

Acne definition may vary depends on the dermatologist, doctor, or expert that say it. Acne definition seems to be an unimportant case when you are dealing with the skin problem on your face. However, to know the definition of acne is as important as knowing what causes the problem. As many of you have known, your acne appears mostly because of some hormonal problems. When you are in your puberty stage which happens when you are in the age of 14 to 19, your hormones began to grow more and more. Not only growing more, the hormones will also be growing unstably.

Acne Symptoms

Knowing Acne Definition by Looking at Some Other Skin Problems on Your Face

To look simply at what acne is, it is also necessary to look at some general problems that exist at your face’s skin. The acne will grow on your face because some general problems like the unstable hormones as stated previously, the stress situation that you sometimes have, and other things like eating some unhealthy food.

Problems like that will cover up your face’s pores and then the acne will slowly grow on your face. The cover up will cause the oil glands of your face to produce more oil and then the acne will absolutely exist on your face. These things are the things that make you look for something more to heal the skin problems on your face.

Acne and Abscess Are Sometimes Different

Sometimes you will also have some collection of pus on your face that looks like acne. It might be look the same, but it is actually an abscess. Acne and abscess are different in almost everything. If acne mostly happens because of some hormonal situation, the abscess differs in its cause. Abscess are different than acne because it happens because there is a certain bacteria that causes it.

A massive consumption of eggs can also be the cause of abscess. The acne and abscess are also different since every person can have acnes while abscess cannot be said as human’s general problem. Acne is easier to be healed too because it is not the cause of some bacteria. That is why you should pay attention really closely about some reddish skin problem on your face. It can be an abscess, but sometimes you do not have to worry because it might be only acnes, and that is why you should really know acne definition.