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Chin Acne: An Annoying Acne Type in Your Face

Chin Acne: An Annoying Acne Type in Your Face - Having a chin acne in your face is very annoying. Despite disturbing your daily activities, the acne is decreasing your physical appearance so that it needs to be overcome. Basically, acne can happen to all people of different ages. But, this condition often happens to teens. These are some things about the chin acne to know.

How To Heal Chin Acne

The Causes of Chin Acne 

To prevent and get rid of the chin acne, you must know some causing factors. Despite having the hair follicle blockage in the face, chin acne can be influenced by several other factors.
  • Bacteria
  • Stress
  • The increase of androgen hormone
  • The excessive oil production in a face
  • Consuming high carbohydrate foods such as bread, chocolate, and chips
  • Consuming medicine containing lithium, corticosteroid, and hormonal treatments.
The appearance of chin acne is influenced by the habit of touching face or chin with your dirty hands. The occurring risks of the chin acne can also increase due to the genetic factors, unhealthy lifestyle, and environment.

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Some Healthy Habits to Get Rid of Chin Acne

One of the ways to cure a chin acne is applying the healthy lifestyle and habits every day. There are some ways that can be applied to avoid the appearance of that acne.
  • Doing Exercises Routinely
Doing exercises routinely and regularly can help to keep your skin healthy by stimulating blood circulation. When the blood circulation runs normally, skin cells will get more oxygen assumption and issued dead skin cells. However, don’t forget to make sure the cleanliness of your skin face after doing exercises.
  • Sleeping Routinely
Lack of sleeping can make someone stress. If you feel stress, a production of glucocorticoid hormone will increase. This hormone can disturb a function and skin structure so that it can cause the appearance of chin acne. Thus, you have to sleep sufficiently and regularly every day at least 6-9 hours.
  • Maintaining Dietary Habit
Some kinds of foods can make your blood sugar and insulin increasing quickly. If it contains much insulin, it can cause the growth of pore blocking cells and make the appearance of the chin acne. To prevent this condition, you have to increase the consumption of nuts, seeds, and vegetables.
  • Cleaning Your Face Routinely
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Cleaning face two times a day can help to prevent the appearance of chin acne. The face skin has oil gland producing much more oil than the other skin parts in the body. Thus, cleaning your face regularly must be conducted every day. Choose the right facial foam to your skin types.
Chin acne is annoying and disturbing. But, you must avoid touching the acne causing skin irritation and serious condition. Try to apply those healthy habits.