How to Reduce Pimples Redness Naturally

How to Reduce Pimples Redness Naturally - How to reduce pimples redness? Pimples are indeed very disturbing. Despite it is painful enough; the presence of redness on your face may simply damage your appearance. Well, no matter how annoying it is, a pimple is actually something normal to come out from your skin. It is a kind of hormonal thing as well as a sign that your body condition is okay. The abnormal pimples are when they come continuously without stopping anyway.
Interestingly, there are actually some methods to get rid off or at least reduce pimples redness. The stuff to use can even be found around. Here they are.
How To Reduce Pimple Overnight
Not Touching It with Bare Hand

First of all, you need to stop touching or pumping it out. Those habits just cause irritation and the redness is getting severe for sure. If you are about to do some treatments, make sure that your hands are clean. It is even necessary to wear a pair of plastic gloves.

Ice Blocks

When the pimple is getting bigger, red, itchy, and painful, the first aid to apply is using ice blocks. Put some ice blocks into a plastic bag. Then, put it slowly on the pimple area. Not only the red is getting reduced, but even the bump can also be flattened if you are doing it regularly. This method is also effective to apply before make up. It is helpful to make the pimples are covered by the foundation or cream well.


In general, honey is indeed effective to get rid of acne as well as the acne scar. Of course, it is if you are applying it regularly. Meanwhile, even if you only apply it a little bit on the pimple area, the redness can be automatically reduced.

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Garlic contains a high level of antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammation content. That’s why; it is very effective for many types of disease treatments. That’s why; it is recommended also for pimples that are considered “easier” or “simpler” disease compared to others like hemorrhoids. To apply it, smooth a piece of garlic and then put it on the pimple area.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is not only relaxing and soothing on the skin but also healing. One of the merits of these ingredients is for pimple. Moreover, the way to apply it is very easy. You can just smear the gel on the pimple area and the redness can be simply gone only in some minutes.

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