4 Best Ingredients for the DIY Acne Facial Mask

4 Best Ingredients for the DIY Acne Facial Mask - Are you interested to make your own DIY acne facial mask? Well, it is actually not as difficult as you think. Some ingredients in the kitchen indeed have many benefits for our skin. Despite making the skin smoother and more vibrant, they can even solve some skin problems including acne. So, what are those ingredients and how to process them into the mask? Here they are.

Best Korean Mask For Acne

White Egg Mask

There are many products of white egg mask available in the market. Sure, rather than buying them in which it is not clear whether the content is naturally made from eggs or not, using the DIY one is the best choice. You only need to separate the white egg with the yolk. Then, smear it thoroughly on your face. Wait for some minutes until it is dry. Then, rinse your face with warm water. This ingredient can also be used for a sheet or peel mask. The egg only needs to smear on the tissue or cotton sheets before the face application.

Honey and Lemon

Both honey and lemon are well-known for the high level of antioxidant content. This way, the combination of them is effective to remove acne as well as the bacteria that cause it. You can only apply them on the part with acne anyway. But if you want, smearing them on the face completely is good also. This way, other areas without acne can be kept beautiful and healthy.


Avocado is effective for many types of skin. You can moisturize your dry skin with it. On the other hand, it is also functioned as an oil control when your face is oily enough. Sure, acne is one of the facial problems that can be solved through the avocado paste. The way to create a mask from it is also very easy. Smooth the meat of avocado and apply it directly to your face. After it is dry, rinse your face with warm water until it is clean.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is very soothing and nowadays, many beauty brands compete to use this ingredient in their products. So, if you have this plant grown on your yard, why don’t you utilize it to get rid of the acne? To apply it is also very easy. Take the gel and smear it thoroughly on the face until it is dry. Then, rinse it well until this type of DIY acne facial mask is completely removed.

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