Treating Comedonal Acne

Comedonal acne is common problem for some teenagers but most of them do not realize and just consider this case as the ordinary comedo. Comedonal acne is the condition where there are some blackheads pimples appear into your skin. Then, what is the causes of this kind of acne?

Comedonal Acne Home Remedies Treating Comedonal Acne

Causes of comedonal acne

There are some causes that can make you have the comedonal acne. First, comedonal acne can appear in any ages but it commonly appear during the teen years. It can be one of the causes of puberty and the effect of the hormonal factors. People who are in puberty might have changed their hormones. The amount of their hormones might changes and it is not steady. It might cause some effects into the skin. Then, comedonal acne can also be caused by the heredity. If some of your relatives and even your parents have this type of acne, you will get the high risk to get the comedonal acne. Especially, the one who has the type of oily skin will be more risky to get this type of acne. Next, comedonal acne can also be caused by the usage of any kinds of cosmetic products. People might get the result from applying any skin products which might not appropriate and fit to their skin.

How to treat the comedonal acne?

The common method to clear the comedonal acne is by choosing the right facial wash. People need to buy the product which contains of salicylic acid and even glycolic. This substance can help you to clean the pores and the skin. It can help to throw away any debris and dead skin. Then, you can also choose the products with the benzoyl peroxide help people to wash and clear the skin’s surface and even kill the bacteria from people’s face.

Then, there are some different medicated method to solve comedonal acne problems. People can try microdermabrasion, microcrystal, laser treatment to kill bacteria and even remove any kinds of the outer layers of the skin. You can also ask the medicine as the oral method to control the hormonal which might causes the risk of comedonal acne. These kinds of treatments which might need more budget and money. People need to spend a lot of money to solve this problem through this kind of medication. It is better to try the traditional method first to clear your comedonal acne.

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