Things You Need To Do to Get Rid of Moderate Acne

Moderate acne on your face can be very annoying. It often looks red and inflamed, and the worst thing is you cannot get rid of it easily. This type of acne will not disappear with some cheap over the counter medicines and it also takes long to heal. But you don’t have to be sad and worry too much about your acne. With these treatments, you can say goodbye to the pimples and get your smooth face back.

Moderate Acne Treatment

Signs that You Have Moderate Acne

To make sure you can get effective treatment, you need to be sure that the severity of your acne is indeed in the moderate level. Here are some signs of that you have moderate severity acnes.

- It is quite stubborn that over the counter medicine doesn’t work,
- It looks red and inflamed, but not as red as severe acnes.
- The pimples feel painful.
- There are more than 20 blackheads or whiteheads on your skin.
- There are more than 15 red and itchy bumps.

The Best Treatments for Moderate Acne

Now that you are sure that you have moderate acne, here are some treatments that you can try.

•Benzoyl Peroxide

When it comes to this type of acne, using over the counter medicine will only waste your time and money because it will not work. However, if you have yet to find time to go to the doctor and want to use over the counter medicine first, you can use Benzoyl Peroxide.

Unlike other over-the-counter treatments, benzoyl peroxide is effective to treat moderate acnes. It is known for its effectiveness in treating inflamed acnes. But it is also great to reduce blackheads. Normally, this treatment will need around two or three months to work.

• Topical Retinoid and Antibiotic

Doctors usually will prescribe topical retinoid and antibiotic to treat acnes with moderate severity. Retinoid will accelerate the healing process of the cells so the acne will disappear faster and it also will prevent scarring. Meanwhile, topical antibiotic is great to treat inflammatory breakouts. It will reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin so the pimples will not be inflamed and heal faster.

• Hormone regulator

If the acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, the doctor will prescribe hormone regulator, which is beneficial to stabilize hormone fluctuations. As a result of this treatment, the acnes will slowly start disappearing or even doesn’t appear in the very first place.

Moderate acne can easily get more severe if you use wrong treatments. So, make sure you consult to your dermatologist first and don’t be tempted to use unsafe topical medicines that promise fast result.

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