The Best Essential Oils for Acne and Why You Should Use It

Many people have recognized the advantage of essential oils for acne. Essential oil has great benefits for skin and turns out it makes a great acne treatment as well. As a matter of fact, some types of essential oils, like Tea Tree Oil for example, have been proven to eliminate acnes better than chemical acne treatments.

Essential Oils For Acne Scars

Why Essential Oils

There are many reasons why more and more people starting to use various types of essential oil to treat their acnes. These are some of the most popular benefits of essential oils for acne treatment.

• It Is Made of Natural Ingredient

Most acne treatments out there are made of chemical ingredients. While they are effective at some point, the acnes will start breaking out again if you stop the treatment. Furthermore, it is also possible that the chemical ingredients are too strong for your skin. Essential oils in the other hand, is considered safer because it is made of natural ingredients. It is easy on your skin and less likely to cause allergic reaction.

• It Has Calming Effect

Stress and sleep deprivation are some of the most common causes of acne. Essential oils can address acne problems more effectively because it is not only treat the acne, but also the stress that causes it. The calming aroma of essential oils can help you get a better sleep at night and it is also known as the ultimate stress and anxiety reliever.

The Best Essential Oils for Acne

• Clary Sage Oil

If your acnes are red and inflamed, you can apply clary sage essential oil. Thanks to linalyl acetate, a great anti-inflammatory property that exists in this oil, you can use it to reduce inflammation and the itchy feeling the acnes often bring. Furthermore, clary sage oil is also able to control sebum production, which is known to be one of the most common causes of acne breakout.

• Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is very effective to treat acnes because it is able to destroy acne-causing bacteria in no time. Furthermore, it also comes with excellent anti-inflammatory agent. If your acne is swelling, you can use this essential oil to reduce the size, pain and also the itches.

• Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to the best essential oils for acne, it is safe to say that tea tree oil is the answer. This essential oil is good to fight acne because it contains antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory property. It is also good to treat various types of acne from blackheads, whiteheads to inflamed pustules.

Things You Need To Do to Get Rid of Moderate Acne

Moderate acne on your face can be very annoying. It often looks red and inflamed, and the worst thing is you cannot get rid of it easily. This type of acne will not disappear with some cheap over the counter medicines and it also takes long to heal. But you don’t have to be sad and worry too much about your acne. With these treatments, you can say goodbye to the pimples and get your smooth face back.

Moderate Acne Treatment

Signs that You Have Moderate Acne

To make sure you can get effective treatment, you need to be sure that the severity of your acne is indeed in the moderate level. Here are some signs of that you have moderate severity acnes.

- It is quite stubborn that over the counter medicine doesn’t work,
- It looks red and inflamed, but not as red as severe acnes.
- The pimples feel painful.
- There are more than 20 blackheads or whiteheads on your skin.
- There are more than 15 red and itchy bumps.

The Best Treatments for Moderate Acne

Now that you are sure that you have moderate acne, here are some treatments that you can try.

•Benzoyl Peroxide

When it comes to this type of acne, using over the counter medicine will only waste your time and money because it will not work. However, if you have yet to find time to go to the doctor and want to use over the counter medicine first, you can use Benzoyl Peroxide.

Unlike other over-the-counter treatments, benzoyl peroxide is effective to treat moderate acnes. It is known for its effectiveness in treating inflamed acnes. But it is also great to reduce blackheads. Normally, this treatment will need around two or three months to work.

• Topical Retinoid and Antibiotic

Doctors usually will prescribe topical retinoid and antibiotic to treat acnes with moderate severity. Retinoid will accelerate the healing process of the cells so the acne will disappear faster and it also will prevent scarring. Meanwhile, topical antibiotic is great to treat inflammatory breakouts. It will reduce the amount of bacteria on your skin so the pimples will not be inflamed and heal faster.

• Hormone regulator

If the acne is caused by hormonal imbalance, the doctor will prescribe hormone regulator, which is beneficial to stabilize hormone fluctuations. As a result of this treatment, the acnes will slowly start disappearing or even doesn’t appear in the very first place.

Moderate acne can easily get more severe if you use wrong treatments. So, make sure you consult to your dermatologist first and don’t be tempted to use unsafe topical medicines that promise fast result.

Home Remedies for Acne, Why Not?

Home remedies for acne is one of the most popular method that people choose to treat acne. They choose the home remedies method in which it has less risk for those skin in the future. Many people think that the medicine will cause and have the side effects. Some people think that home remedies is the best choice as the first help to treat their skin problems. Here are the lists of some kinds of acne home remedies that people can try at home.

Best Home Remedy For Acne Overnight Home Remedies for Acne, Why Not?

Why people choose home remedies for acne?

There are some reasons why people prefer to use home remedies for acne as their best treatment. First, it will not cause any side effect in the future. Usually, home remedies is made from the natural ingredients which is safe from every usage. People don’t need to think too much about the dosage. They only need to apply that remedies regularly to get the best result. Second, it will safe your money. By choosing the home remedies as the treatment for acne, people will automatically save their budget. They only need to buy the natural ingredients which prices less and cheaper than any other chemical product. Third, people don’t need to go to the beautician, they only need to do the treatment at home. So, it will save your time too.

Kinds of home remedies

There are 2 kinds of home remedies that people need to apply for acne. People can use the regular remedies and they can also choose the natural remedies to clear acne.

1. Regular remedies

People only need to wash their face regularly with the facial foam and it is better to wash the face using the warm water. Warm water can help you to clear the bacteria from your skin. Then, people need to apply and clean their face using the cleanser to make it cleaner. Choosing the right and clean towel will be helpful as the best home remedies for acne.

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2. Natural remedies for acne

People need to choose the natural ingredients to treat their acne. Choosing the natural remedies will be really helpful to kill the bacteria which cause acne without any side effects. People can apply lemon as the facial mask in which lemon is rich of disinfectant and it can be the bacteria killer. Then, people can use the tomatoes as the great home remedies to solve acne. Rubbing the face with tomatoes will be helpful as the home remedies for acne.

Treating Comedonal Acne

Comedonal acne is common problem for some teenagers but most of them do not realize and just consider this case as the ordinary comedo. Comedonal acne is the condition where there are some blackheads pimples appear into your skin. Then, what is the causes of this kind of acne?

Comedonal Acne Home Remedies Treating Comedonal Acne

Causes of comedonal acne

There are some causes that can make you have the comedonal acne. First, comedonal acne can appear in any ages but it commonly appear during the teen years. It can be one of the causes of puberty and the effect of the hormonal factors. People who are in puberty might have changed their hormones. The amount of their hormones might changes and it is not steady. It might cause some effects into the skin. Then, comedonal acne can also be caused by the heredity. If some of your relatives and even your parents have this type of acne, you will get the high risk to get the comedonal acne. Especially, the one who has the type of oily skin will be more risky to get this type of acne. Next, comedonal acne can also be caused by the usage of any kinds of cosmetic products. People might get the result from applying any skin products which might not appropriate and fit to their skin.

How to treat the comedonal acne?

The common method to clear the comedonal acne is by choosing the right facial wash. People need to buy the product which contains of salicylic acid and even glycolic. This substance can help you to clean the pores and the skin. It can help to throw away any debris and dead skin. Then, you can also choose the products with the benzoyl peroxide help people to wash and clear the skin’s surface and even kill the bacteria from people’s face.

Then, there are some different medicated method to solve comedonal acne problems. People can try microdermabrasion, microcrystal, laser treatment to kill bacteria and even remove any kinds of the outer layers of the skin. You can also ask the medicine as the oral method to control the hormonal which might causes the risk of comedonal acne. These kinds of treatments which might need more budget and money. People need to spend a lot of money to solve this problem through this kind of medication. It is better to try the traditional method first to clear your comedonal acne.

Applying Honey for Acne

Honey for acne is something which is not known by some people. Do you like to consume honey? Honey is the sweet liquid which contains a lot of vitamins which delivers more benefits to the consumer. Most people know that honey can be used as the supplement to strengthen the body and even good for skin, especially acne.

Honey For Acne Before And After Applying Honey for Acne

Benefits of honey for acne

  1. Honey contains of the antibacterial substances which can help people to reduce the spread of their acne. It is one of the traditional method to solve acne and throw them from your beautiful face. People don’t need to spend too much money by using this honey. They only need to buy the original one to prevent any acne.
  2. Honey can also be used to clean the spots from your acne. Most of you might be too embarrassed to have red and even dark spots on your face. Honey can be the right choice to clean that spot. Honey for acne can be used to disguise any pockmarked which is usually caused as the result from the acne itself.
  3. Honey is used to be the right method to prevent any acne presence. The one who has no acne before can even apply the honey to prevent any acne to come back into their skin. It contains of the natural antioxidant which help to prevent radical into the skin.

How to apply honey into your skin?

There are some ways that people can do with honey for acne. People might apply this sweet liquid as the salve, face mask and even combine this liquid with any other traditional ingredients.

  1. People can only use honey as the salve for acne. People have to pour the small amount of honey into the small cup. Then, take it with your finger and touch your acne with that liquid.
  2. People can use honey as the face mask before sleeping and even in the early morning. People just need to sweep this liquid in all of the parts of their face. Then, you need to wait until it dry and it will be used as the right mask for preventing any acne from your face.
  3. People can make a combination of honey with any other kinds of traditional ingredients, such as: strawberry, apple and even sugar. Then, people only need to apply those mixtures on their face. It is right method of applying honey for acne.

Three Most Common Types of Acne Scars and How to Get Rid of Them

Acne breakouts can be very frustrating but it is the scars that we really detest. The worst thing of all is there are actually several types of acne scars and different type of scars will require different treatment. Eliminating acnes can be very difficult but the scars can be even more to get rid of. If you want to get rid of the scars, make sure you know the type of the scars first so you can choose the most suitable treatment.

Acne Scars Before And After

Ice Pick Scars

• Appearance
According to dermatologists, ice pick scar is the most difficult to treat among other types of acne scars. This scar is mostly small but it goes very deep into the dermis. But in some more severe cases, it is possible to get bigger scar holes.

• Treatment
The most common treatment for ice pick scars is punch excision. Skin graft is also possible by taking skin from other part of your body and put it inside the scars. However, if there are too many scars, which is usually the case, radiofrequency treatment might be needed. This treatment will help your skin to produce more collagens and the collagens will be used to fill the holes of the scars.

Boxcar Scars

• Appearance
Similar with ice pick, boxcar scars also make the skin depressed. However, the surface is much wider. It happens because there is not enough collagen during the healing process to sustain the shape of the skin.

• Treatment
Punch excision is also effective to treat boxcar scars. However, since the holes are much wider compared to ice pick scars, dermal filler is considered a more effective treatment. Layers of fat will be injected to the skin to help filling the depressed scars.


• Appearance
Contrary to the first two scars, hyperpigmentation doesn’t necessarily involve depression. There might be nothing wrong with the surface of your skin, but it will be discolored due to the inflammation of the acnes.

• Treatment
Hydroquinone is effective to bleach the skin and removes the pigmentation. During the hydroquinone therapy, you must remember to use sunblock. It is important because exposure to sun will make the pigmentation worse.

Getting rid of acne scars is very difficult, not to mention expensive. So, the best thing you can do is to prevent the scarring to appear at the very first place. Don’t pick on your acnes and consult your doctor to get the best acne treatment. But if the scars are already there, make sure you choose the best treatments according to the types of acne scars.